The Expand Step and Repeat

At Kick Ass Media, we have worked tirelessly to formulate the perfect combination of material and hardware. Our expand step and repeat brings the together stretch fabric material banners with portable and preassembled frames. The get-pricingcombination ensures that you will have both an easy setup and tear down along with great looking glare and wrinkle-free photographs. The alternative to the expand system is a telescopic step and repeat. Wan’t to see more? <<< Check out our gallery here >>>

Red Carpet Step and Repeats Backdrops

There is no better way to celebrate your sponsors, amplify your message and extend your event’s reach than by adding a step and repeat! Sponsor logos, event-specific hash-tags and sponsorship boards are ideal ways to invite audiences to share their message and showcase their event.

Stretch Fabric Banners | Guaranteed glare & wave-free | Pre-assembled | Delivered to your door

Temporary Window Graphics

From $5 per square foot.
Windows are a perfect place to announce your event with a step and repeat. The choice of temporary or removable, inside or outside of the window is yours. Our fabric stick & peel is a favorite among event photographers. Its glare-free finish combined with being easy to apply, re-position and remove by hand makes it a hit.

Hanging Vinyl or Fabric Prints

From $3.50 per square foot


There are a variety of options when it comes to hanging banners. Whether you choose vinyl or fabric, we can finish with grommets, top, side or bottom pockets depending on how you plan to mount the print. The most economical choice is vinyl, which has a glossy finish in photos because it’s primarily made from plastic (fabric scrim with a plastic overlay). If you are planning on shooting in low lighting conditions or using a flash, we suggest using fabric to minimize glare.

Removable Wall Graphics

From $5 per square foot.


Transform any wall or window into a photography backdrop in minutes. Our low tack adhesive prints can be applied and removed by hand and don’t leave any residue or damage surfaces. This is a perfect way to turn your restaurant or store front into a invitation to showcase and share your brand.

After almost a decade of leading the industry in step and repeat backdrops, Kick Ass Media is Canada’s choice for red carpet backdrops. Our step and repeats are designed with photographers and event planners in mind. Our glare and wave-free fabrics ensure your sponsors are given the kind of representation they deserve. Don’t settle for less and be remembered for the right reasons with Kick Ass Media.

Canada's Choice for Red Carpet Step and Repeats

Galas and Fundraisers | Signature Events | Product Launches & more


What is a Step and Repeat?

A step and repeat / media wall / backdrop is made from either a vinyl or fabric print which is applied onto a frame. We design backdrops with company logos, branding, photos, text or whatever is required for that event. Set up of a step and repeat is usually less than 5 minutes and looks great. Oftentimes, a red carpet, sandbags or lighting are also used in line with the media wall. Whatever your event requires, we will supply.

Are all Step & Repeat Backdrops white?

It is a common misconception that media backdrops need to be white. Often, the best effect is achieved when logos are set on a high contrast backdrop or, for that matter, simply a black backdrop.

Because media walls (step and repeats) are digital prints, you can use any combination of graphics, text and images to cover them.

Why is it called a Step and Repeat?

‘Step and repeat,’ rather than the term ‘media wall’ is used to describe the pattern typically used on red carpet backdrops or media walls.

One or more logos are typically repeated to create a series of offset lines (normally between 5 and 8 lines on 8′ high media walls) that create a step and repeat pattern.

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Step and repeats (sometimes called media walls) use logos or graphics to create a pattern across fabric which is mounted to display.

Media Walls have come to reflect the hallmark of an event worthy of notice. With their popularity spanning past red carpet events to new areas such as weddings, press releases and trade shows, Media Walls are constantly evolving.

Step and Repeats are sometimes called: Photographic Backdrops, Step and Repeat Wall, Step and Repeat Backdrop, Banner Backdrops, Step and Repeat Banner, Red Carpet Backdrops, Event Backdrops

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