Premium Fabric Step and Repeat Backdrops

The best material overall for single or multiple use.

It’s lasts long term, can be dry cleaned, doesn’t glare in photos, has a premium look and feel and folds up small for transport and storage.

Premium fabric step and repeat backdrops starting from $499

Canada's Choice for Red Carpet Step and Repeats

Galas and Fundraisers | Signature Events | Product Launches & more


Frames that need to be assembled are not ideal. Our expand, accordion style frames come with the print already mounted, saving you time and energy. They’re fitted with velcro to attach the print, easily folded for storage and travel, and snap into place for effortless set ups.


Measurements are in feet.

8 x 8 = 4 people

10 x 8 = 6 people

10 x 10 = 6 people

12 x 8 = 8 people

15 x 8 = 10 people

20 x 8 = 12 people

What is a Step and Repeat?

A step and repeat / media wall / backdrop is made from either a vinyl or fabric print which is applied onto a frame. We design backdrops with company logos, branding, photos, text or whatever is required for that event. Set up of a step and repeat is usually less than 5 minutes and looks great. Oftentimes, a red carpet, sandbags or lighting are also used in line with the media wall. Whatever your event requires, we will supply.

Are all Step & Repeat Backdrops white?

It is a common misconception that media backdrops need to be white. Often, the best effect is achieved when logos are set on a high contrast backdrop or, for that matter, simply a black backdrop.

Because media walls (step and repeats) are digital prints, you can use any combination of graphics, text and images to cover them.

Why is it called a Step and Repeat?

‘Step and repeat,’ rather than the term ‘media wall’ is used to describe the pattern typically used on red carpet backdrops or media walls.

One or more logos are typically repeated to create a series of offset lines (normally between 5 and 8 lines on 8′ high media walls) that create a step and repeat pattern.

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