Telescopic Step & Repeat

ie. The Pole & Pocket Frame

The telescopic is the the traditional choice for step & repeats. The print is supported by a pole from which it hangs. Because the print has a pocket at the top from which it is hung this system is often called a a “poll and pocket” step and repeat.

This model offers a more economical alternative for your red carpet event. The disadvantage as compared to the expand is that the frame is visible at it’s edges and requires assembly.

*Available in either Matte Banner or Fabric to suit your lighting conditions.

** frame can either be RENTED or PURCHASED

*** A seamless print can be applied across any combination of frames. The result is that one can opt for a frame & print that is 8′ by 16′, 8′ by 18′ or 8′ by 20′. Larger combinations are possible. Please call for details.

Price varies depending on whether the frame(s) are rented or purchased. Call for details.


Expand Step and Repeat


– Hidden Frame
– Supported Back Drop
– Light Weight and Compact
– Anodized Silver Frame
– Light assembly
– Seamless print.
– Matte Vinyl Material
– Glare Reducing Ink
– Outdoor grade

Remember: If your copy changes your can have a new print made without having to replace the hardware. Yet another benefit of our unique seamless velcro support system.