Step and repeats (sometimes called media walls) use logos or graphics to create a pattern across a fabric which is mounted to a display. Displays range both in size (8’X8′, 8’X10′, 8’X12′) and hardware (expand and telescopic).

The expandable is a more durable frame recommended if you’re going to be reusing, there is no assembly required and the frames are hidden behind the banners.

The telescopic has light assembly (5-10 min) and is better for one-time or few uses. You can also see the side poles of the frame beside the banner.


KA Media offers two options for those interested in a media wall or step and repeat banners. The premium Expand Step & Repeat and the more economical Telescopic Step & Repeat.

Step and repeats (sometimes called media walls) use logos or graphics to create a pattern across a fabric which is mounted to the display.

Media Walls have come to reflect the hallmark of an event that’s worthy of notice. With their popularity spanning past red carpet events to new areas such as weddings, press releases and trade shows, Media Walls are constantly evolving.


Step and Repeat Uses:

Because of their short set up time, compact packaging and light weight, Step and Repeats are often used off the red carpet. In such cases, the same hardware and print combination are typically referred to as ‘pop up walls’ or ‘media walls’ and are well suited for displaying product graphics, copy and other branding material. Popular uses include:

Photographic Backdrop:

If you’ve ever watched a red carpet event, you understand the basic function of a media wall. Company and event branding is displayed in a pattern across an otherwise blank wall that functions as a backdrop to the event’s main entrance. In recent years, the popularity of such walls has expanded to include more private venues such as weddings, bar mitzvahs and graduations. These banners or backdrops are a great addition to any event!

Trade Show Displays

Step and Repeats, when used as trade show backdrops, can, if set up correctly, create an intimate and visually inviting area for merchants to connect with clients. What covers the walls is entirely up to you. Step and Repeats, when used as a backdrop to the vendor’s space at a trade show are typically combined with banner stands and display that showcase more traditional print media (rack cards, business cards, flyers etc).

Show Floor Displays:

Whether you are selling vehicles or hot tubs, your show floor has to convey your message. Products, and in some cases people, are not the best means of showcasing the virtues of a particular product. In such cases, graphics and key information displayed on a banner stand or media wall can function as an asset for translating talk into a sale.

Press Wall / Media Wall:

As the title suggests, these event backdrops are a must have for any event. Press Walls or a Media Wall are typically used to provide a clean, branded backdrop for product releases, public lectures and so on.

For a custom step and repeat, Toronto event marketers can contact KA Media to receive the quality backdrop they need for less money and zero hassle. Contact us now to get started.

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