Retractable Banner Stand

The Premium Choice in Pop Up/ Retractable Banner Stands

Print Size: 31.5in by 79in ( 2.6 feet wide by 6.6 feet tall)

With lightweight, compact and durable frames or stands, our retractable banners offer an attractive palate to showcase products and critical product information. Designed to showcase photo quality images, diagrams and technical drawings, our retractable banner stand showcases the best of your brand.

There’s no shortage of uses for retractable banner stands – Toronto trade shows, Calgary red carpet events and Vancouver product launches are just a few of the many places and ways you can put a quality banner stand to work for you.

Retractable Banner Highlights:

– Full resolution prints from a photo-grade printer on a photo-grade print material banner

– Block-out backing to ensure no shadows or light penetrates your banner

– Sold as a single unit with less than a minute set-up time

– Almost 7 feet tall

Buy Two or more banner stands for $165 or Inquire about bulk pricing.

If you’re looking to buy retractable banner stands in Canada, look no further than KA Media. We print and ship across the country and have pick-up locations in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.


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