So you’re having an event and taking photos or just doing a photoshoot and want to find the best material.

In this short post I’ll cover the best material and pros and cons of photography backdrops sometimes called Step and Repeat Banners or red carpet backdrops..

There are really only 2 main types of material for photography backdrops: Vinyl and Fabric. In some rare cases you can get styrene, wood panels and a few others but those are rare and most of you wouldn’t be concerned with that.

We produce 1000’s of step and repeats for red carpet events, photography, photo booths, trade shows and you name it. Hands down we recommend fabric for photos but there are a few fabrics to consider. First off the reason for fabric is by nature it light doesn’t reflect it’s absorbed. Fabric also tends to be more smooth and flat in photos.

Note: Be wary of advertisers promoting “matte vinyl” as a solution for photos. Vinyl is plastic and once you add ink top of plastic vinyl it will glare. It is not recommended for photos. Also vinyl easily can have creases or waves in it which will also show up in photos. Yes we sell vinyl for some uses, usually outdoor events, and it is ok but not ideal for photos. Also it can’t be folded, it has to be rolled. This means if you roll up an 8 foot tall backdrop you’re going to have an 8 foot long tube. #notideal

Fabric has a variety of finishes and options. Definitely check with your supplier. Our fabric is glare friendly and wrinkle resistant so you can fold it up small and it has a little stretch so it comes out nice and smooth when setup.

We also offer a colour guarantee on our fabric so you may want to check that and make sure you know what you’re getting.

Fabric on an expandable tool free frame setup is our most popular product by far. We do a ton of charity galas, marketing events, trade shows, movie premieres, weddings and more.

As for size it depends on your space and your use. If it’s a step and repeat style for a red carpet event you’ll want to think about how many people and the area you’re using. If it’s for a trade show or something similar you may be limited by size.

Conclusion: If you want awesome photos and you want your branding, logos or sponsors to show up in the photos then fabric is your definite best bet for your photography backdrop.

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