Go Big and Glare Free!

Up to 50′ wide by 10′ tall seamless fabric step and repeats backdrops.

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Taking the ordeal out of looking like a big deal.

Canada's Source For Red Carpet Step & Repeats

It’s time to roll out the red carpet.

Untitled-7-RecoveredStep and repeat backdrops are the hallmark of red carpet events, gala’s and signature occasions. Whether you are looking for a basic photo backdrop or a more extravagant red carpet themed package we have got you covered. Working with some of Canada’s most noted brands and agencies we offer unmatched service and displays.

Stretch Fabric Prints | Guaranteed Glare & Wrinkle Free

When getting it right matters we are the solution.

Tight Timeline. No Problem.

At KA MEDIA we pride ourselves on our ability to get your last minute rushed print projects off the ground. As countless clients can attest this can be the difference between making a lasting impression or losing that key client.

No Design. No Problem.

At KA MEDIA our team crafts your requests and branding material into prints that put that extra punch into print media. Whether you need logo design and branding or simply want your artwork displayed in a particular fashion we have got your print needs covered.

Limited Budget. No Problem.

Getting the best for less means making smarter decision on layout, hardware and material and most importantly ordering direct from a print source. At KA MEDIA we make this combination happen daily by letting you deal direct with our design and print departments.

Canada's Choice for Red Carpet Step and Repeats

StepandRepeat.com is operated by Kick Ass Media which is a full service printer and print frame supplier which operates primarily in the Greater Toronto area but ships across across Canada and the United States.

Our central aim is to ensure that we retain customer service and product quality while continuing to offer the best market price on our line of products.

Our core strength is rooted in our ability to undercut the market by avoiding many of the traditional overheads typically faced by a traditional brick and mortar operations. Most of our clients are either referred to us by existing clients or discover us on-line. While a portion of our clients are new our enduring success is in large thanks to a core group of public relations and marketing firms which have made us the operational arm of their campaigns.