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Step and repeat backdrops are the hallmark of big events, galas and signature occasions.
Whether you are looking for a basic photo backdrop or a more extravagant red carpet themed package,
we have got you covered.

Working with some of Canada’s most noted brands and agencies, we offer unmatched service and displays.

Wrinkle resisitant, sleek and glare free premium printed fabrics that come mount to our Frames. This creates a high quality look and feel to enhance the audience’s experience.

Our frames are hassle free and don’t require any assembly. They snap into place for quick setups and take downs.

Matching colours on printed fabric can be difficult, especially if you have existing brand requirements. We use the Pantone Matching System as well as printed swatches to ensure that you have the best colour match possible.


On our frame hardware. If your frame breaks or needs repair, let us know and we will fix it with you. We want to make sure you maximize ROI on this investment.

Who are familiar working with large format displays. This ensures the quality of your product and the best photo opportunities for your guests. One of the main issues we hear is people being dissatisfied with the end product simply because they weren’t given the option to work closely with a designer. Instead, they had to upload their artwork on a website. This adds convenience, but going back and forth with a designer is really the only way to ensure that the proof you approve will result in the backdrop you want.


Step and Repeats are key to Gala experience for guests and can help you achieve your goals of the Gala.

For your guests, they’re coming dressed and ready to impress. The backdrop gives them the opportunity to take photos. Let’s face it everyone wants to stand in front of a Step and Repeat and take photos. If you encourage your guests right they can also share those photos online, building more awareness of your cause and possibly supporting your fundraising efforts.

To achieve your goals at the Gala use the backdrop on the red carpet as premium space to showcase sponsors. Have sponsors pay a premium to be shown on their or use it to lock in their sponsorship.

When done right you can use the backdrop to as a tool to get more funds and build more awareness not to mention it really creates the ambiance of the event.

Movie Premieres

Any movie premiere is going to have a red carpet entrance.

Of course you’re aiming to achieve KPI’s for the movie and we know that the key to that is by having media, guests and maybe talent on-site (if they show). We get it.

The thing you’re going to want to make sure of is that you have a premium fabric and frame that will not only look perfect on camera but sets up easy without tools and doesn’t pose a risk.

Many Step and Repeat frames need hardware to assemble…we recommend against anything that will require hardware because last minute on-site you don’t want to risk a frame that won’t go together properly and is causing problems.

Also you want to make sure that it’s solid enough you don’t have to worry about it falling on anyone. That is a fast way to a huge problem with talent on-site.

Talk with our team and we can find the best option for your event that will look perfect in photos and setup easy with no tools.

Awards Shows

Your awards show red carpet is the just the beginning of what is in store for the event.

People are going to be in their finest and photos are going to be taken. Do not risk anything other than a premium fabric and an expandable frame that will make this look flawless.

Avoid any vinyl materials or frames that have tubes and need assembly. These are not going to give you the experience that you want.

When done right this will be a highlight of your’s and your guest’s evening.


If you’re having a conference you may want a backdrop for photos but you’re likely going to want it on stage.

Having a backdrop on stage at a conference creates a professional branded experience for guests and speakers. You’ll want to make sure you have a fabric material because it will look best and also not have glare.

Avoid vinyl. Vinyl can glare under the lights and if it gets creased you’ll be able to see that from the back of the room, this is not what you want.

We also have a variety of other products for conferences like directional signage, branded barricade covers, info displays and much more.

If you’re having a conference and looking for branding our team can help you get it right.

Marketing and Activation

Having a marketing activation or other marketing event?

Your backdrops and displays are the key to sharing the brand message and creating the experience with your guests. Don’t risk getting vinyl materials or hardware that needs tools to assemble.

Use products that will look perfect and be super easy for you or your team to setup on-site.

The key to achieving your marketing goals is the message on the displays.

Our team can help you find the best products for your marketing activation or campaign that will not only look perfect and be easy to setup but will also help you achieve your goals.


Plus we offer unmatched guarantees and warranties to make sure your stuff is perfect and on-time. is operated by Kick Ass Media, which is a full-service printer and print frame supplier which operates primarily in the Greater Toronto area but ships across Canada and the United States.

Our central aim is to ensure that we retain customer service and product quality while continuing to offer the best market price on our line of products.

Our core strength is rooted in our ability to undercut the market by avoiding many of the traditional overheads typically faced by a traditional brick and mortar business. Most of our clients are either referred to us by existing clients or discover us via the web. While a portion of our clients are new, our enduring success is in large thanks to a core group of public relations and marketing firms which have made us the operational arm of their campaigns.

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